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Oslo Street Art

Beatravelling - 14.07.2018 16:42

Street art might not be the most widespread art form in Oslo, but you will come across a few bits he

VIDEO: A Nomadic Art Project

Beatravelling - 02.07.2018 21:00

This is SALT. A nomadic art project, they call themselves. And I guess it is a good tagline, asOsloi

At the Top

Beatravelling - 01.07.2018 13:00

As a kid I was not keen on hiking, at all. Continue reading At the Top at beatravelling.

High-Flying Pizza

Beatravelling - 25.06.2018 21:30

I have been to this Italian pizza restaurant inOsloonce before, and I couldn’t wait to go back

The Love Trail

Beatravelling - 21.06.2018 21:39

Kjærlighetsstien (love trail) is also something that has been working its way from the back of

The Wooden Houses of Oslo

Beatravelling - 20.06.2018 22:30

The street Telthusbakken I have passed by now and again on my travels through town. And every time I

Island Hopping in the Swedish Archipelago

Beatravelling - 16.06.2018 18:54

When I was visiting Gothenburgfor the third time, I needed some new experiences. Looking for things

Cinnamon Bun Land

Beatravelling - 13.06.2018 22:30

As much as I always come to the cosy neighbourhood of Haga when I visit Gothenburg, I also tend to c

The Best Part of Gothenburg City Life

Beatravelling - 12.06.2018 21:00

Every time I visit Gothenburg, whether it is for the day or a longer stay, I always have to stop by

Lunch at the Church

Beatravelling - 11.06.2018 21:00

While visiting Feskekörka inGothenburg, I could not leave without having some fresh seafood for

Fish Church

Beatravelling - 10.06.2018 13:00

Feskekörka (fish church) is Gothenburg‘s fish market, and has been so since 1874 when it

At the Barn

Beatravelling - 09.06.2018 12:00

The Barn in GothenburgI found on TripAdvisor. Continue reading At the Barn at beatravelling.

Designers Gone Wild

Beatravelling - 08.06.2018 19:26

I’ll admit I wasn’t too sure when I booked this hotel for a friend’s birthday (tri

Munich’s Food Market

Beatravelling - 05.06.2018 16:00

I must say I had high hopes for Viktualienmarkt, especially considering it being fairly close to Chr

Charmed by Munich’s Old Town

Beatravelling - 04.06.2018 21:00

We have one thing in common, Adolf Hitler and I, we both feel “Munich is the city closest to m

From Peru to Polynesia

Beatravelling - 03.06.2018 16:00

With Thor Heyerdahl being one of history’s most famous explorers, there is no reason why there