Reason For Beauty

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Trysil, Norway’s ultimate ski destination

Reason For Beauty - 25.04.2018 15:37

A few weeks ago, I went on a weekend trip to Trysil, the largest ski resort in Norway. Located about

Red, white & blue

Reason For Beauty - 18.04.2018 10:58

This post contains affiliate links. The snow has finally thawed, marking the arrival of spring in Os

The FireLake experience

Reason For Beauty - 12.04.2018 09:51

“Created by nature, inspired by fire” Fire played a vital role to the Vikings, not only

Snapshots from Stavanger

Reason For Beauty - 05.04.2018 21:56

Hope you are all having a fabulous week! As promised, here are some pictures and thoughts from my tr

Life updates

Reason For Beauty - 26.03.2018 22:56

Is it just me or does March always seem to fly by? Here is a recap of my month in pictures: Trip to

An ode to the Good Girl

Reason For Beauty - 19.02.2018 20:39

This post contains affiliate links. Hair and makeup by Fabiana Perfumes are sensuous, invisible acce

7 poems about beauty

Reason For Beauty - 14.02.2018 16:55

This post contains affiliate links. Hair and makeup by Fabiana Happy Valentine’s Day! What bet

Pia Tjelta flies solo at Oslo Runway AW 18

Reason For Beauty - 29.01.2018 23:40

Happy Monday! Oslo Runway came and went, but Norwegian Fashion Week is not yet over. Here are some p

Winter wonderland

Reason For Beauty - 21.01.2018 19:28

This week, Norwegians woke up to the most snow they have ever seen for almost a decade. I am not so

17 life lessons from Gossip Girl’s Blair Waldorf

Reason For Beauty - 15.01.2018 15:24

Photos by Giovanni Rufino © 2012 The CW Network, LLC and Warner Bros. Nowadays, I rarely ever w

Ready for 2018

Reason For Beauty - 04.01.2018 21:16

After spending the last days of 2017 recharging and relaxing, I am newly motivated and inspired for

7 highlights from 2017

Reason For Beauty - 31.12.2017 00:17

The endof ayear offers us an opportunity to reflect fondly on and bid farewell to the past, while co

Christmas moments

Reason For Beauty - 27.12.2017 16:44

I like how Christmas is celebrated so extensively here in Norway, from Lillejulaften (Little Christm

‘Tis the season

Reason For Beauty - 18.12.2017 20:42

December always seems to fly by – I cannot believe it is already one week until Christmas! Thi

7 poems about winter

Reason For Beauty - 04.12.2017 19:22

Happy Monday! Hope you have found relish in my countdown to 2018 on Facebook Today, I am treating yo


Reason For Beauty - 26.11.2017 19:00

This year, Eirik and I hosted a Friendsgiving dinner with traditional Thanksgiving food: a whole tur