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Risotto med Erter

OldMamasan - 20.08.2017 21:44

(For English recipe, click here: Pea Risotto) Her har du en enkel og supergod Risotto. Perfekt til s

Dansk Drømmekake

OldMamasan - 27.01.2017 15:48

(English recipe: Dream Cake) Som utlending I Danmark har jeg blitt godt kjent med dansk bakverk, og

Spanish Smiles

OldMamasan - 26.10.2016 15:59

Last week we went on vacation to Spain. We are talking 10 days of constant touristysmiles here, so i

Danske Kajeboller

OldMamasan - 25.10.2016 22:19

(To read his in English, click the link: Danish Oatmeal Buns – Kajeboller) Vanligvis er det fo


OldMamasan - 09.10.2016 11:48

Testing a new raincoat on a sunny summer day What would we do withoutwater? Carry the boats? How do

Most of the time

OldMamasan - 08.10.2016 14:31

Most of the time… when you’re crying, nobody notices your tears. Most of the time…

Mannegruppa Ottar mobiliserer!

OldMamasan - 06.10.2016 23:41

Plutselig nærmer den omtalte gruppen seg 40K medlemmer igjen. Og det er trist. Uhyre trist. Jeg

Where the Streets Have No Name

OldMamasan - 06.10.2016 11:14

Nope, this is not about the U2 song at all. Sorry to disappoint you, but now that you are here anywa

Kjære Administratorer og medlemmer av Mannegruppa Ottar

OldMamasan - 05.10.2016 22:41

  Steng nå ned den teite gruppa deres, da! Det er jo BARE en jævla facebookgruppe! Er


OldMamasan - 04.10.2016 11:10

As an Expat I have given some thought about what «home» is. Sure, we can look up the dry e

Verdens Beste

OldMamasan - 30.09.2016 11:15

(This recipe is written in Norwegian, to read it in English, follow this link: World’s Best Ca

A Svalbard Love Story

OldMamasan - 29.09.2016 11:10

My nose and forehead was cold from being pressed up against the aircraft window as I was trying to c

Lag din egen Pumpkin Spice Mix!

OldMamasan - 28.09.2016 11:01

(This post is written in Norwegian, to read it in English, follow the link: Make your own Pumpkin Sp

Cabin fever?

OldMamasan - 26.09.2016 12:19

«If you’re going to have a cabin fever, have a big cabin, you know.» –Joe Cock

Nordenskiold Glacier

OldMamasan - 25.09.2016 16:30

Above the yellow building, you and Lenin see the Nordenskiold glacier In my post a couple of days ag

Lenin’s Arctic View

OldMamasan - 23.09.2016 11:06

Pyramiden (“The Pyramid”) is an abandoned Russian coal-mining settlement in Billefjorden