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Helsinki and Foo Fighters

Anothertravelblog - 28.06.2017 20:00

Last week I made a short trip to Helsinki, arrived mid-morning and left late in the afternoon. The m

Working nightshifts and dreaming of warmer places..

Anothertravelblog - 17.04.2017 03:32

It's almost 3.30 a.m., and it's absolutely not busy at all. So I've got plenty of tim

About time to go somewhere

Anothertravelblog - 16.04.2017 03:22

It's already april 2017, and so far this year I've only been to Iceland. Sadly I didn&apos

2016 coming to an end..

Anothertravelblog - 27.12.2016 02:00

So, my plan for the second half of 2016 was to fly with a different airline every month for 12 month

Where to go in 2017?

Anothertravelblog - 06.12.2016 23:42

I've got a real challenge to myself for 2017 - Figure out which countries to explore. I need to

London baby!!!

Anothertravelblog - 06.12.2016 01:45

Went to London few weeks ago, and loved it as usual! But, there's one thing annoying me - To fi

My review of Qatar Airways

Anothertravelblog - 29.10.2016 05:25

Flying business class on Qatar Airways is absolutely not the worst thing you can do to start or end

Long transfers doesn't have to suck

Anothertravelblog - 19.10.2016 00:01

When you have several hours to kill at an airport, it's not always easy to get the rest that yo

The end of a vacation

Anothertravelblog - 17.10.2016 05:51

After a week and a half at an amazing resort, my vacation is shortly coming to an end. I've had

Good evening from the Maldives!

Anothertravelblog - 07.10.2016 21:12

First of all, my travelreport from Washington DC was never finished, since I had too much work on my

Washington DC, The heart of democracy

Anothertravelblog - 06.09.2016 18:30

So, I just came back from a trip to the US. A little weekend getaway, endorsed by extremely cheap ai

Roadtrip part 2.

Anothertravelblog - 27.07.2016 00:16

Waking up next to the riverbend, listening to the river roaring and the birds singing, does sound a

Roadtripping in Norway

Anothertravelblog - 25.07.2016 15:30

Had some time to kill, so packed the tent and a sleepingbag and headed out to the Norwegian countrys

I want to go somewhere, now.

Anothertravelblog - 21.07.2016 22:27

I really feel the urge for traveling coming along now, especially since I'm sitting here watchi

Always be early! On time is too late!

Anothertravelblog - 20.07.2016 23:07

Unfortunately, today we had to say no to a passenger. Things could have been different, if she only

Listen to what is being said!

Anothertravelblog - 19.07.2016 21:38

Today was a good day, I'd say. I saw a very strange thing today, a Norwegian person, all white