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Hi everyone!

Alisesofie - 01.06.2015 21:33

It has been a few days since I have written on the blog. The reason why is because not that many new

Checking out Drammen :)

Alisesofie - 23.05.2015 19:30

Today we enjoyed the sunny day in Drammen. I have never really been in the city before, so it was ni

1 + 1 = 3

Alisesofie - 20.05.2015 20:25

It has been a while since I have written on the blog now. A lot has happened since my last post. Our

Spring Cleaning

Alisesofie - 23.04.2015 12:40

Today I have spent my morning cleaning the apartment. Even though its not a big apartment, it still

Mango Shake

Alisesofie - 20.04.2015 21:27

David and I were invited for dinner at my parents balcony today. We got served "Sodd" whic

The Summer Is Here :D

Alisesofie - 19.04.2015 21:03

Today David and I enjoyed the day outside. We went for a walk to Teieskogen. It is a very nice fores

Do Brunettes Have More Fun?

Alisesofie - 15.04.2015 17:44

Today I went to the hairdresser, ready for a change. I was not sure yet what I wanted to do with my

What to do on a rainy day?

Alisesofie - 14.04.2015 17:51

Today we went to Ikea to get the last things for the house and the baby room. It is raining today, s

Oh, Yeah Baby!

Alisesofie - 13.04.2015 20:07

Today we finally got a new car. After not having a car in 4 weeks, we were very happy to pick up thi

Leadership Conference!

Alisesofie - 12.04.2015 17:54

This weekend David and I went to a leadership conference that was arranged by Get Focused. It is an

Too Good Not To Share!

Alisesofie - 08.04.2015 14:34

Being married to a dutch man introduces me to a lot of new things. One of them is food and desserts.

Celebrating My Parents 30 Years Anniversary <3

Alisesofie - 06.04.2015 23:45

Today we we were invited out for a nice dinner to celebrate my parents anniversary. The restaurant i

A Great Sunday!

Alisesofie - 05.04.2015 19:08

Happy easter everyone! Today we started the day with going to church. David played and sing ( he is

Easter Break Campfire

Alisesofie - 04.04.2015 19:39

I'm starting my own blog! David and I have friends and family spread out in a lot of different