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Guide to Notting Hill London

Travel with Style - 06.11.2018 22:11

Notting Hill is one of the most charming areas in London, with colorful houses and atmospheric stree

Viceroy Central Park Hotel New York

Travel with Style - 27.10.2018 09:43 I asfalt jungelen på Manhattan flommer det o

Afternoon tea at Brown’s Hotel in London

Travel with Style - 26.10.2018 13:12

If you would like to get a taste of the Victorian England, try the EnglishTeaRoom at the elegant Bro

Guide to Kensington in London

Travel with Style - 20.09.2018 14:39

Kensington Guide Kensington is one of my favorite neighbourhood in London – this area has ever

Bjoaspretten 2018

Travel with Style - 03.09.2018 15:00

I fjor oppdaget jeg Bjoaspretten litt for sent til å delta i løpet av ferien. Det skulle i

Blenheim Palace

Travel with Style - 15.06.2018 10:18

One and a half hour outside London you find Blenheim Palace, amasterpiece of English Baroque archite

Skomakernibbå i Vikedal

Travel with Style - 11.06.2018 10:35

Fjellturer er i vinden som aldri før og jo mer spektakulær fjellknaus og utsikt, jo bedre

While We Were Young – New York

Travel with Style - 24.04.2018 07:09

While We Were Young is located in the West Village, New York’s best and most authentic neighbo

London with kids

Travel with Style - 20.04.2018 07:16

My kids share my passion for traveling (and shopping) and I love to show them my favorite cities and

Bjoa – 12 treks to try

Travel with Style - 18.04.2018 07:56

In the previous post I wrote about the village Bjoa in Norway, where we spend our summer holidays. I

My happy place

Travel with Style - 16.04.2018 06:59

In 2006National Geographic ranked Norway’s West Fjords as number one on the bestWorld Heritage

Windsor Castle

Travel with Style - 11.04.2018 07:00

Windsor Castle is the Queen’s residence in Windsor at the outskirts of London.Since the time o

Notting Hill – London

Travel with Style - 09.04.2018 07:10

Notting Hill is one of London’s most desirable areas and it became a popular place to visit af

Afternoon tea at the Ampersand hotel in London

Travel with Style - 06.04.2018 07:57

You can’t visit London without having afternoon tea, so when I travelled to London with my chi

Himakånå – Trolltunga’s little sister

Travel with Style - 23.03.2018 08:21

Tucked away in a corner ofTysvær township in Nedstrandthere is a local treasure called Himak

Exploring my own backyard

Travel with Style - 16.03.2018 06:56

You don’t always have to travel far – sometimes less is more and great adventures are wa