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Amazing good food I enjoyed so a devil :)

MinikeGirl Music - 01.01.2018 13:58

Happy New Year Finally 2018 Jippie I am so happy and it’s because I have so much planned this

Making strange noises so it may be the next few days  :-P 

MinikeGirl Music - 30.12.2017 15:30

Today I try to train my voice a little now that I’ve had a cold. There are to work with but I

Finally, I have got much better connectivity on the internet :)

MinikeGirl Music - 29.12.2017 19:29

                Finally, I have got much better connectivity

Not much capacity :/ :)

MinikeGirl Music - 06.12.2017 14:37

I don’t eat much at all the candy cause I dont tolerate sugar so well. Right now my health is

My Nature

MinikeGirl Music - 04.12.2017 13:50

It has been a good weekend with different activities. On Saturday I worked a few hours on one of my

I get up in the corporate consumption :)

MinikeGirl Music - 01.12.2017 14:31

I use the internet in the amount that I get up in the corporate consumption, which meant I had to be

Reached one of my milestones :)

MinikeGirl Music - 28.11.2017 16:25

Today, it was a little change of plans, I would practice on my next song I’ll record. But I ha

I developed my project to a major project now :)

MinikeGirl Music - 26.11.2017 17:18

Written on much music today, it’s funny when the lyrics come to me. So I have been on the floo

I can’t be without writing on my blog :)

MinikeGirl Music - 25.11.2017 12:16

Haha, I can’t be without writing on my blog. My surf is over and I’m waiting on the new

I do the best I can :)

MinikeGirl Music - 21.11.2017 16:02

It is what is good when I write on several tracks at the same time, I can switch between them. Today

Daily Routine :)

MinikeGirl Music - 19.11.2017 12:27

Today I will pick the order of some stuff here at home. Think it is good to do it especially now whe

During the time that I wrote this post :)

MinikeGirl Music - 16.11.2017 16:29

I have a small day of rest here, it has been a few days now then it has been the little extra. IR

Good for the future :)

MinikeGirl Music - 12.11.2017 15:30

Changing to winter tires now on my car. Once that is done, I shall continue to write on one of my ne

What prevents me :)

MinikeGirl Music - 11.11.2017 10:33

Feel more energetic today, so I will continue to go through my new songs. Sitting and drinking coffe

I get big drowsy at one-half aspirins  :-)

MinikeGirl Music - 10.11.2017 09:48

I am not sick and poor but to always try to see what roads I can take for it to be better. If it can

Brain SEX

MinikeGirl Music - 09.11.2017 10:28

Sitting and listening to real good music. I love the sound when there are many sounds that are assem