My dream home

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Prioritizing... preserving energy... welcoming a new boost of energy :-)

My dream home - 05.02.2018 20:15

I'm back :-) After having the flu and a down period... The last two months I have been prioriti

Long time no see... sorry😕

My dream home - 13.12.2017 23:33

Sorry for not posting in a while... I guess I started off a bit hard, the result was that I felt a b


My dream home - 15.11.2017 00:54

So this last week the kids have been with me, so not so much information on the progress... I'v

Getting there...

My dream home - 05.11.2017 22:27

So, I'm sorry for not updating you all before. I've been kind of busy :-P My goal the last

Day 3

My dream home - 01.11.2017 23:14

I'm om track :-) Today Sindres room is done with paint both on walls and ceiling. The flooring

The fist two days

My dream home - 01.11.2017 09:18

So, I've been buisy the last two days :-) I got the keys on Monday at 3 PM and have gotten a wh

Temporary setback

My dream home - 27.10.2017 17:31

Sadly I did not get my house today. The transfer from the bank hadn’t gotten through to the re

Getting the keys

My dream home - 25.10.2017 19:59

YES! I'm getting the keys on Friday at 3 PM. So this weekend I'm washing and painting the

Last bedroom upstairs, Didrik

My dream home - 24.10.2017 21:10

Didrik is 15 years old and loves to play games like Sims and other building&interior games. This

Next room, Sindre

My dream home - 24.10.2017 20:52

Sindre, my eldest is 18 and going to university next year. He will still be living at home. His room

New day, new room, Iselin and Tiril

My dream home - 24.10.2017 19:05

Today I'm going to show you the room my two girls are going to share. They are 5 and 7 and for

The start

My dream home - 23.10.2017 21:49

On wednesday I'm signing the papers for this house. I hope I can get in before the weekend

Rockabilly kjole

My dream home - 17.09.2015 23:05

#rockabilly #kjole #sømIdag satte jeg meg som mål å lage kjole til datteren min p