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The ultimate makeover: How I take care of Batman’s mane, tail & coat, step by step

Matilde Brandt - 03.07.2017 20:59

Post in collaboration with Cowboy Magic, products sponsored by Cowboy Magic When the summer finally

We went crazy at Skinnlaaven – project leatherwork it is!

Matilde Brandt - 25.06.2017 18:01

This week, Ellen, Siri, Lisa, Linn and I drove to Skinnlaaven just outside of Hønefoss (Chicken

Ride a draft horse – it’ll make your butt look smaller!

Matilde Brandt - 22.06.2017 23:53

And it is actually true. I was starstruck when I met the legendary Loppa this week! Gosh! She was be

Centaura fluespray ? a summer must have for horse owners

Matilde Brandt - 22.06.2017 12:12

Post sponsored by Nordic Horse Equipment The last four weeks, I have tested the Centaura fluespray f

My dream helmet from Scharf is finally here!

Matilde Brandt - 25.05.2017 22:31

Helmet proudly sponsored by Scharf Norway – thank you so much! .. and it looks amazing! It is

An afternoon on the polo field

Matilde Brandt - 25.05.2017 01:14

Say what?! Yesterday, the word polo meant shirt or car to me. Together with the lovely women from Eq

Hipp, hipp, hurra!

Matilde Brandt - 17.05.2017 00:04

Today it is the 17th of May, and we Norwegians celebrate theConstitution Day and National Day! We he

5 bridleless myths debunked!

Matilde Brandt - 12.05.2017 00:30

“Horses trained bridleless never spook or bolt” Yes, they do! All horses can spook, even

Batman to Oslo Middelalderfestival 2017

Matilde Brandt - 11.05.2017 23:59

YEEEEEAH! Finally! I have had some trouble to keep it a secret but now it is finally official! Batma

Batman’s new diet: Lexa!

Matilde Brandt - 11.05.2017 23:08

Sponsored byLexa Skandinavia Batman went grain-free in 2012, and I have been very happy with the die

Help me choose my new helmet!

Matilde Brandt - 05.05.2017 12:40

I decided to get myself a new helmet, after using the same style helmet for over 11 years. It is tim

Epic happening in the making

Matilde Brandt - 03.05.2017 21:00

Cloak and riding skirt sponsored by Klesarven – viking heritage clothing & accessories In

Real life Frozen: A fairytale on a Fjord in the Norwegian mountains

Matilde Brandt - 13.04.2017 17:42

Last fall, Daniel and I visited Langedrag Naturpark, 1000 meters above sea level, hidden in theimpre

Ready for Arne Koets-clinic

Matilde Brandt - 24.03.2017 23:08

I’m so excited for tomorrow! Batman and I are going to attend to a clinic withArne Koets, ajou

How I succeeded with an introverted horse

Matilde Brandt - 19.03.2017 20:43

How did I get Batman, a horse who rarely expressed himself, was afraid of trying, did not want to sp

AEG 2017: Selfie contest winners from the Meet & Greet

Matilde Brandt - 18.03.2017 01:16

Viking hood from Klesarven Congrats to Mari! StripHair from Nordic Horse Equipment Congrats to Kassa