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10 tips to save more money

Livingdoll - 16.08.2017 22:25

Money, money, money - that's all people seem to talk about most of their lives. They either hav

It runs in the family

Livingdoll - 15.08.2017 12:42

I once heard that all it takes for some parents to consider having another baby, is seeing a toddler

Look for anything but your perfect match

Livingdoll - 14.08.2017 18:41

  When looking for a new friend or lover, don't go looking for your perfect match. Instead

I refuse to be an energy vampire

Livingdoll - 14.08.2017 12:30

In modern times, where people tend to self diagnose a lot and use these diagnoses as a way of gettin

How to make life great again

Livingdoll - 13.08.2017 13:16

I love the 21st century. Yet, at the same time, I find it very depressing. Sure it's fun to wat

Be the change

Livingdoll - 12.08.2017 02:29

Sometimes, random names pop into my head. So I search them up on facebook, and stalk their profile f

Finally a foundation for super pale people

Livingdoll - 11.08.2017 15:20

If you're white - literally white - finding a foundation that matches your skin tone can be dif

China and animal testing

Livingdoll - 10.08.2017 13:42

"I don't mean to be rude but I thought you were against animal testing? Then why are you b

When parents are the worst bullies

Livingdoll - 07.08.2017 21:56

I have very strong opinions, some of which might be considered abnormal or crazy by the general publ

Home; where the wifi connects automatically

Livingdoll - 06.08.2017 19:16

♪ ♫ Guess who's back; back again? Jessie's back! Tell a friend!  

Hot to save BIG on items you use often

Livingdoll - 05.08.2017 11:05

We all want to save money where we can, don't we? I know I do. That's why, in this blog po

Leaving the country

Livingdoll - 04.08.2017 14:40

Hey guys! While you're reading this, I'm on my way to Sweden where my boyfriend and I will

Stop romanticizing abuse!

Livingdoll - 04.08.2017 07:43

When she was six years old, a boy pulled her hair. "it's because he likes you", her p

Here's why you CAN compare animals to people

Livingdoll - 03.08.2017 15:17

I've always loved animals. As a child I had countless conversations with people trying to force

How to get perfect skin

Livingdoll - 02.08.2017 15:15

I think every girl who's ever had acne, large pores or redness in her skin are guilty of the wh

My 7 year old killed someone yesterday

Livingdoll - 31.07.2017 23:43

Minsten caught his first mouse yesterday. He jumpet in the window with something grey in his mouth,