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Gemmaals - 25.09.2017 19:11

Yesterday during my bedtime was terrible because she dont know how to brush my teeth. I got pretty f

figure out

Gemmaals - 24.09.2017 19:12

Today my was not good but anyway i stay home watching crossing lines from Netflix. Levy came by we j


Gemmaals - 23.09.2017 19:30

Saturday its weekend my day its not so good because i got stomachache im not feeling well i don

sale or exchange

Gemmaals - 22.09.2017 19:24

What a day i have my own personal assistent, Christian help everything also my private driver to my

talked and talked

Gemmaals - 21.09.2017 20:13

This morning i have awful headache and im not in good mood just silence. I got shower, fixed my hair


Gemmaals - 20.09.2017 19:46

Last night i got fantastic service from my nurse during bedtime. She cut my fingersnails without ask


Gemmaals - 19.09.2017 19:38

I'm so lucky i got helped to get ready for my training from Christian also my personal driver w


Gemmaals - 18.09.2017 20:32

Yesterday i got good service from honey Ingve foot massages its very painful it help alots to have b


Gemmaals - 17.09.2017 19:00

Last night i got extra ordinary help i got good night kiss from my nurse during my bedtime i wish i


Gemmaals - 16.09.2017 19:19

It's been awhile for me going out by myself by pleasure i went visit the house of Reidun Marie


Gemmaals - 15.09.2017 19:44

I have inreadible day with Christian help me to get ready for my training also my driver round trip


Gemmaals - 14.09.2017 19:27

Today i got help from my nurses all day but one thing so fantastic my shower in the morning, fixed m

bad mood

Gemmaals - 13.09.2017 19:58

Last night during the bedtime was two nurses helping me one  just observation to refresh her me


Gemmaals - 12.09.2017 19:15

I got fantastic news i could believe she got job i like her too much, she one of best nurse one of m


Gemmaals - 11.09.2017 20:32

Finally Reidun Marie came back from her holiday it felt wonderful. Ragnhild and Eilev came by too it


Gemmaals - 10.09.2017 19:28

Today im so exhausted and i got help from from my nurses the same as usual. But late the afternoon,