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During the time that I wrote this post :)

MinikeGirl Music - 16.11.2017 16:29

I have a small day of rest here, it has been a few days now then it has been the little extra. IR

Good for the future :)

MinikeGirl Music - 12.11.2017 15:30

Changing to winter tires now on my car. Once that is done, I shall continue to write on one of my ne

What prevents me :)

MinikeGirl Music - 11.11.2017 10:33

Feel more energetic today, so I will continue to go through my new songs. Sitting and drinking coffe

I get big drowsy at one-half aspirins  :-)

MinikeGirl Music - 10.11.2017 09:48

I am not sick and poor but to always try to see what roads I can take for it to be better. If it can

Brain SEX

MinikeGirl Music - 09.11.2017 10:28

Sitting and listening to real good music. I love the sound when there are many sounds that are assem

These music write-periods  :-) 

MinikeGirl Music - 08.11.2017 07:44

Becomes a littlebulkier when I’m sick and I’m a little clumpsy in ordinary cases. There

Now I get to calm me a bit I wrote just now finished 3 pieces of my new songs :)

MinikeGirl Music - 07.11.2017 15:44

Now I get to calm me a bit I wrote just now finished 3 pieces of my new songs. It feels great but I

Trying to wake up here is not really healthy today

MinikeGirl Music - 07.11.2017 10:00

Good morning I am sitting and trying to wake up here is not really healthy today, I feel. It may be

MinikeGirl Music - 05.11.2017 13:21

Sit and work with the computer today and it runs great. I’m thinking often about howhttp://www

I’m already inside of the year 2018 in my thoughts :)

MinikeGirl Music - 01.11.2017 09:44

Now it was really cold this morning, I felt. It reminds of when I was younger and was out and camped

So I stopped to feel for several years

MinikeGirl Music - 29.10.2017 12:44

Yesterday I sat and wrote the music and there was 7 new songs so now I’m a little brain tired.

Get a nice visit from a girl friend of mine tomorrow :)

MinikeGirl Music - 28.10.2017 10:47

Sitting and drinking my morning coffee and thinking of life as usual. Sometimes it can be a little h

There is so much love in me that my soul has begun to spread it out

MinikeGirl Music - 27.10.2017 16:13

I constantly strive to understand myself because it always takes me forward in life in a good way. I

LA The Los Angeles Journal – MinikeGirl Interview

MinikeGirl Music - 23.10.2017 12:36

MinikeGirl – A Singer-Songwriter with Soulful and Distinctive Voice Here you can read the entir

It feels like I’m attacking myself for it is an internal fight

MinikeGirl Music - 20.10.2017 21:12

Now it’s weekend again and it took a lot of coffee today. I have written a brand new song just

MTVROCK. Interviewed Me :)

MinikeGirl Music - 19.10.2017 10:08

                Here you can read the whole interview of me