Daniel Stisen

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Sports Relief 2016 BBC

Daniel Stisen - 04.05.2016 21:30

I did a comedy scatch with comedian Jack Whitehall and some fitness models for Sports Relief and was

Norwegian muscle-man raises in the film industry

Daniel Stisen - 28.02.2016 21:55

This is the link to the repotage at Norwegian BroadCasting Corperation webpage (NRK) February 2

Some Screen Warrior Training in Ealing

Daniel Stisen - 24.01.2016 15:04

Sometimes we gather a gang and do some screen combat training in on of our friends studios, here I p

Teaser we made for the British Indy-film Sarclege fall 2015

Daniel Stisen - 24.01.2016 14:48

My British bro from another motha, Phil Tommy is Directing and Producing the independent film, its a

My highest IMDB StarMeter rating ever

Daniel Stisen - 24.01.2016 11:08

A few months ago I had my highest IMDB StarMeter rating ever, I broke almost into top 1000 in the wo

Behind the scene from The Box our new British short

Daniel Stisen - 24.01.2016 00:40

We are producing a new short this winter called the Box, starring Daniel Stisen and former British M

Casting profiles pictures 2016

Daniel Stisen - 24.01.2016 00:23

Casting profile pictures from my January 2016, shoot with JC Hermier.

London Warrior Photo shoot by JC Hermier

Daniel Stisen - 22.10.2015 23:56

I did a Mad Max inspired warrior shoot in London in July with the French Photographer JC Hermier. Ma

Still one of Norway and Scandinavia's highest ranked actors on IMDB official Star-meter ranking

Daniel Stisen - 22.06.2015 13:42

My IMDB ranking's has gone mad the last 6 months, I have always the last two years had good rat

Cannes Film Festival 2015 -behind the scene

Daniel Stisen - 15.06.2015 16:47

I had a great week at the 2015 Cannes Film Festival. I flew from London to Nice with EasyJet, I stay

Acting/Special-Action and Stunt spring 2015

Daniel Stisen - 27.05.2015 15:31

I've been involved in several feature films, blockbusters, Tv-series and short films in the UK

My contribution to Bad Education -The Movie

Daniel Stisen - 26.05.2015 16:44

I did special action on the new movie based on the BBC3 Tv-series "Bad Education", with Ja

"Hovdinger" premiere at cinema in Oslo, Norway, 17th July 2015.

Daniel Stisen - 26.05.2015 16:19!/video/112739/john-carew-spiller-i-gangsterfilmen-hoevdinger I play MMA-fighter

Norges 12. hoyeste rating pa IMDBstarmeter

Daniel Stisen - 17.12.2014 23:26

Jeg har fatt en hoy rating paa IMDB Starmeter, IMDB official internasjonale rangering av skuespiller

Moving to London, to work in the film industry

Daniel Stisen - 17.12.2014 23:01

After 2 weeks of working on the Hollow Crown: Season 2, and a few callback from casting directors in

Never Too Big August 2014

Daniel Stisen - 01.12.2014 19:50

Prosjektet er fra August 2014.Jeg skal sette igang en kampanje paa for et lite pilot