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bye bye social media

CQBE - 02.12.2017 19:21

Hey! So if you're reading this, I probably trusted you with my life and you're reading thi

will everything be okay?

CQBE - 28.11.2017 00:20

hi. bad stuff is happening right now and I just fucking resorted to google translate to tell me ever

friend please

CQBE - 18.11.2017 17:11

Hey! You better be fucking reading this or else I swear to God. You are so fucking important to me.

dead inside

CQBE - 11.11.2017 21:08

hey. so today was fine. I don't care about what I did for school. some competition. I lost what

my playlists

CQBE - 29.10.2017 19:10

hey! if you want to hear my music for when I'm feeling down. its right here: https://open.

what even is "importance"?

CQBE - 28.10.2017 18:22

hi. welcome back to my downward spiral. This month has been horrible. I'm just done with this.


CQBE - 23.09.2017 00:29

hey Every night at this time I somehow get into deep conversations with people. We fail to realise t


CQBE - 30.07.2017 22:57

Hey!  So I've been really depressed but I just can't bother texting people anymore at

Manchester Terror Attack

CQBE - 26.05.2017 03:46

Hello. I am devastated that some people are that disgusting and actually make this happen. Those kid


CQBE - 22.05.2017 22:56

Hey so like I hate myself. I was fine with my body but now I'm falling into the same hateful ab

lgbt+ because I've been lacking in it

CQBE - 22.05.2017 22:46

Hellooo! this is a reminder that all the people in the lgbtqa+ community are important. We are an ac


CQBE - 22.05.2017 22:44

Hey so people. Let's talk about them. Humans. They come in all shapes and sizes. Different race

Friends are great

CQBE - 12.05.2017 23:48

Hi.  So like friends are great right? They support you. They're there for you. They listen

woo (i'm not really sad right now but i felt like writing something)

CQBE - 01.05.2017 02:24

Listening to this playlist, notes from a piano stream through my speakers. I sit here listening to t

I messed up

CQBE - 24.04.2017 01:18

Hey.  Normal content now.  Um I think I like a straight girl? i promised I wouldn't d


CQBE - 20.04.2017 18:36

it's insane how fast my mood changed right now. i can't handle anything anymore. fuck life