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Vi skal ha Meet & Greet på AEG! Sees vi?!

Matilde Brandt - 11.02.2017 00:37

Så utrolig KULT! Batman og jeg er blitt invitert til årets Arctic Equestrian Games for 

How I taught Batman all his tricks

Matilde Brandt - 05.02.2017 23:50

Hi guys! Today I will bring up a topic you have asked me about for years. How I taught Batman tricks

My plans for 2017

Matilde Brandt - 29.01.2017 20:05

February Arctic Equestrian Games 2017 Photos from See you in Vestfold! Hopefully

DSLD/ESPA: The lethal disease all horse owners should know about, and we can stop it together

Matilde Brandt - 14.01.2017 21:21

What you are about to read will feel uncomfortable. It will scare you, and it will open your eyes. I

Let’s start the new year with a Q&A!

Matilde Brandt - 02.01.2017 14:59

Ask me anything in the comment field below – I will answer some of the questions in a video, a

A Norwegian folklore, Batman & Matilde at Heddal Stavkyrkje

Matilde Brandt - 29.12.2016 21:02

Some days I truly livein a fairytale. This is one of them! Here is the photos from ourepic photoshoo

If you can’t afford a retired horse, you can’t afford a horse!

Matilde Brandt - 27.12.2016 23:36

And this is not about money, it is about theresponsibility you have when you decide to buya horse in

Vikings in the mist

Matilde Brandt - 27.12.2016 17:35

In collaboration with Klesarven At least a little bit viking? Wearing my new viking hood in front of

God jul!

Matilde Brandt - 25.12.2016 12:53

I wish you all a peaceful Christmas with friends, familiy and horses. Here is a selection of this ye

Batman & Matilde’s Christmas Wish list

Matilde Brandt - 23.12.2016 21:42

Same procedure as last year, haha! Here is my most wanted horsey favorites for Christmas 2016!?This

November rain

Matilde Brandt - 12.12.2016 00:17

A few weeks ago my friend Paul and I had a photoshoot with Batman in the rain. The result is a handf


Matilde Brandt - 05.12.2016 22:17

First of all, thank you so much for all your kind messages and prayers today. I did not feel alone w

Vinn billetter til AEG 2017 + siste sjanse til å få 20% rabatt

Matilde Brandt - 29.11.2016 23:17

Kjære alle norske blogglesere! Nå er det siste mulighet til å sikre seg billetter til

8 things you’d never guess I’ve done

Matilde Brandt - 29.11.2016 15:01

Unless you have read my blog for many years, this blog is filled with surprises! Enjoy! I had my fir

Black Friesian Friday

Matilde Brandt - 25.11.2016 00:40

In collaboration withHardy Etc Batman and I headed out in the November sun yesterday, sporting my ne

The magical world of “let’s check the camera settings”

Matilde Brandt - 23.11.2016 19:25

You may be familiar with the magical minutes before a photoshoot. You just arrived at the location a