Bergen Hordaland Norway

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29-03-2017 12987 7 1 4 1
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27-03-2017 17793 8 3 6 1
26-03-2017 8066 10 2 7 2
25-03-2017 15637 8 1 4 1
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Bergen below the fog

Bergen Hordaland Nor… - 21.01.2017 19:02

Something from today`s walk on the Fløien. So it was amazing walk with many reason. The first a

Two days long winter

Bergen Hordaland Nor… - 16.01.2017 18:45

At the end, even in Bergen, two days long winter Long time without camera, too long. Weather in the

One summer day in Hardanger

Bergen Hordaland Nor… - 09.12.2016 17:41

It was a beautiful one summer day in Hardanger I love Hardanger, I love the road to Hardanger from B

Million beautiful valleys

Bergen Hordaland Nor… - 07.12.2016 18:13

This is one from the Norway`s million beautiful valleys Still bad weather. For today the forecast sh

Continue experiments with pictures

Bergen Hordaland Nor… - 03.12.2016 15:49

Still bad, dark and rainy, so I continue experiments with pictures. I tried so fast learn something

Almost perfect reflection again

Bergen Hordaland Nor… - 01.12.2016 17:24

Some try in black and white, almost perfect reflection again Nothing to do, bad weather over west co

Almost perfect reflection

Bergen Hordaland Nor… - 30.11.2016 19:41

I am so glad with this almost perfect reflection. It is easy to photograph reflections in the small

Where mountains meet fjord.

Bergen Hordaland Nor… - 29.11.2016 19:25

This is one of the most amazing combination, where mountains meet fjord. Easy to see everywhere in N

Beauty of mountains

Bergen Hordaland Nor… - 28.11.2016 18:37

If you love it, this is the beauty of mountains. Because I love it, I always try to present it. If I

Along road 13

Bergen Hordaland Nor… - 23.11.2016 17:40

The cabins along road 13 Nice place to escape for weekend rest. Far away from every civilisation, wi

Road across mountains

Bergen Hordaland Nor… - 22.11.2016 09:35

This is what my eyes love, road across mountains This is always amazing to be in the place like this

Different visual effect

Bergen Hordaland Nor… - 20.11.2016 11:22

Sometimes I play with my picture applying different visual effect I am not so big fun of black and w

Frost in the valleys

Bergen Hordaland Nor… - 17.11.2016 18:40

Typical autumn mood, frost in the valleys After short experience with little snow, now we have four

Landscape with railway tracks

Bergen Hordaland Nor… - 15.11.2016 18:28

From Hordaland, landscape with railway tracks From Bergen, through the Hordaland is only one railway

Norwegian landscape

Bergen Hordaland Nor… - 14.11.2016 19:39

Everything around me, Norwegian landscape Because I live in Norway, because I am here more than six

Favourite themes

Bergen Hordaland Nor… - 13.11.2016 18:31

Two favourite themes on one picture Most of the photographers likes these motives. The tree and the