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Weekend in Reykjavík with running shoes

Travel with Style - 16.02.2018 07:06

A couple of years ago I traveled to Reykjavík to participate in Reykjavík marathon. I had

Langfoss one of the world’s 10 most beautiful waterfalls

Travel with Style - 09.02.2018 12:02

Last fall we went for a Sunday hike up Langfossen. We started early in the morning and headed to Lan

Magnificent hiking at Seljestad Norway

Travel with Style - 07.02.2018 11:34

Last June we spent a weekend at Seljestad in Norway. We rented an old cabin that my parents also ren

Running in Berlin

Travel with Style - 03.02.2018 09:26

I find a great joy in running, either alone or with a friend. I am not a huge fan of participating i

Glacier Hiking in Norway

Travel with Style - 29.01.2018 16:59

I remember one summer when I was a child, I got sick with a high fever.We were at our summer-house i

A traveler’s New Year’s resolution

Travel with Style - 25.01.2018 11:36

2018 is here, and my New Year’s Resolution is to visit at least one new place and hopefully so

A weekend in Amsterdam with running shoes

Travel with Style - 21.01.2018 16:36

  When I started running 6-7 years ago, it was just for fun and good health. I had no intention

A day in Cairo

Travel with Style - 17.01.2018 21:22

  During our stay in Sharm El-Sheikh we took a day trip to Cairo to see the Giza Pyramids.We we

A week in Sharm El-Sheikh, Egypt

Travel with Style - 14.01.2018 20:26

I have alway been fascinatedby Egypt and the ancient history of the Pharaohs and their culture. To v

Hampton Court Palace

Travel with Style - 10.01.2018 16:00

I have always dreamed of going to England to explore old castles and the last day of our London trip

London Calling!

Travel with Style - 07.01.2018 17:49

London Calling! Growing up I listened to The Clash’s London Calling (thanks to my brother), an

Everlasting love – Paris

Travel with Style - 13.12.2017 20:22

To me, Paris was love at first sight, and this love is growing every time we meet. I love this city!

Kayaking and Hiking Svalbard

Travel with Style - 05.12.2017 21:44

From Longyearbyen we had been enjoying the beautiful view of Hiortfjellet on the other side of the f

Day Trip to Barentsburg and the Esmark Glacier

Travel with Style - 30.11.2017 14:03

    The second day at Svalbard, we had booked a fjord cruise with MS Langøysund. We w