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Help me out

Specialmoments - 28.10.2017 03:46

I left you with a post-it note and some words I'm not sure why I wrote I wrote t

The Triangle

Specialmoments - 25.10.2017 01:47

Touch the edges of an empty square and cut yourself on the truth somewhere Silky smooth and soft as


Specialmoments - 15.09.2017 00:41

At least I found my smile today at least the bad thoughts went away And for a moment as I slept I wa

The problem

Specialmoments - 11.09.2017 02:23

I wanted to know  the sweet taste of chocolate and so I tasted it I wanted to play with someone

Take everything

Specialmoments - 16.08.2017 02:15

I have vague memories of yesterday and of a love story some miles away Now; take my hand and take my

I'm done

Specialmoments - 09.08.2017 01:51

Sit still, tired old mind You don't always have to carry that big, empty bag of yours  

definitely indefinite behavior

Specialmoments - 28.06.2017 02:41

Keep running around like you're looking for something go out every night like you've got s

Something beautiful

Specialmoments - 23.06.2017 14:53

You'll see me in the morning beyond any traces of something beautiful and the four-year-old dau

In a few moments

Specialmoments - 20.03.2017 23:56

I'm sorry about the entrance door And he will probably never meet you there anymore   I&ap


Specialmoments - 15.03.2017 23:53

Take me back to where I belong because life was always hard to me but you were always good to m

I'm still waiting paitiently

Specialmoments - 22.02.2017 04:01

Simple as the silence when the wind settles right before the heavy rain on a warm summer evening Whe

Remind yourself

Specialmoments - 14.02.2017 14:07

There will always be dark back alleys leading to open spaces where the sun is always shining.

And we are decent people

Specialmoments - 07.02.2017 03:18

She would never do this to you Hold my pen while I try to write it with your very own hands She woul

Can you?

Specialmoments - 19.01.2017 02:59

While the traffic lights shift from red to yellow to green I think of all the signs I should have se

And now I can be free

Specialmoments - 10.01.2017 21:21

Please take every painless moment of my heart - they aren't many Put them down somewhere s

I love you. Even if I never asked to.

Specialmoments - 15.12.2016 01:57

It seems raindrops have more options than I had. They can freeze or evaporate.