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Norway: Can shoot 52 lynx despite not reached goal of population

Rovdyr_predators - 09.03.2017 19:16

Climate and Environment Ministry will not change quotas for lynx hunting in 2017. In total 25 lynx c

Norway: Will change the law to shoot endangered animals

Rovdyr_predators - 06.03.2017 03:49

WWF-General Nina Jensen reacted strongly when the climate and environment minister Vidar Helgesen wi

Norway: The government will modify the draft Act - allows for increased permissions to kill wolves

Rovdyr_predators - 03.03.2017 12:31

Environment Minister Vidar Helgesen (H - Conservatives) proposes to amend the draft Act and expand o

Norway: In total 69 wolverines shot during the hunt, still more to be killed

Rovdyr_predators - 27.02.2017 23:57

Hunting quota was 113 animals - but overall was 69 animals killed during wolverine hunting. Now more

Norway: Will use snowmobiles to shoot bear in springtime

Rovdyr_predators - 27.02.2017 23:24

Holtålen applies to neighboring communities for permission to use a snowmobile at bear hunt in

Norway: Five more lynx killed

Rovdyr_predators - 27.02.2017 22:51

Three lynx killed Saturday. Female lynx shot in Snekkvika Surnadal in the afternoon. Updated: Also t

Norway: Two wolves were shot - the hunt is stopped

Rovdyr_predators - 27.02.2017 22:16

Two wolves were shot in Hedmark Sunday. Thus stops the licensed hunting, says Norwegian Nature Inspe

Norway: WWF alerts wolf lawsuit against government

Rovdyr_predators - 22.02.2017 19:05

If the government's new bill leads to the killing of more wolves than today, WWF will go to tri

Norway: Proposes amendment of the Nature Diversity Act to shoot more wolves

Rovdyr_predators - 22.02.2017 18:50

Published under: Government Solberg Publisher: Climate and Environment Ministry news | Date: 22/02/2

Extends period for permissions to kill wolves

Rovdyr_predators - 14.02.2017 15:07

Norway: Climate and Environment Ministry has decided to expand permissions to kill period of wolves

Conservative politician believes all predators should be shot: - They provide no added value

Rovdyr_predators - 12.02.2017 16:58

Parliament Laila Davidsen (H - Conservatives) believes wolf settlement is only one of several things

Believes extended hunting period of wolf is a silly suggestion

Rovdyr_predators - 09.02.2017 21:26

Nature Conservation Association fear that licensed hunting through March may lead to more wolf famil

Wolf shot in Stange, Norway

Rovdyr_predators - 07.02.2017 15:53

A wolf was shot in Stange Hedmark Tuesday morning. County Governor: Environmental Affairs stated tha

Norway: Friends Of The Earth react to lynx quota

Rovdyr_predators - 01.02.2017 18:24

The quota for shooting lynx this winter is too high, says Friends of the Earth. They react to what t

Will expand date for wolf hunt in Norway

Rovdyr_predators - 30.01.2017 19:59

Masked wolf advocates in front of Løvebakken Equipped with wolf masks the animal protection org

Extraordinary culling of Wolverines ? WWF: We must stop

Rovdyr_predators - 26.01.2017 13:14

County Department suggests extraordinary culling of Wolverine The county governor has sent over a re