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Will pay 30,000 NKR per lynx

Rovdyr_predators - 14:53

Lyngen Municipality has signed for common bounty effort with several local industries to pay 30,000

FRP will turn wolf decisions

Rovdyr_predators - 19.01.2017 12:54

SHOTS HOLD: Progress Party (FRP) will propose in Parliament something that could lead to licensed hu

Fear of wolf alone cannot justify hunting

Rovdyr_predators - 17.01.2017 12:40

PARLIAMENT (NRK): Environment Minister Vidar Helgesen (H - Conservatives) says it is not easy to mee

Wolf shot in Ringsaker

Rovdyr_predators - 11.01.2017 21:29

Wolf Kvota for Hedmark is thus filled. A wolf is shot in Ringsaker in Hedmark. Thus wolf quota of fi

Forces Minister to undo wolf case

Rovdyr_predators - 08.01.2017 23:52

Conservatives is clear in their speech to their own minister: - The Wolf Settlement Parliament has b

Conservative's Wolf Riot: Refuses to give up until 32 wolves can be shot

Rovdyr_predators - 08.01.2017 23:09

Erna Solberg and Vidar Helgesen received a clear messageat Sundvollen Sundvollen (AP) Politicians fr

Helgesen requesting new wolf assessment

Rovdyr_predators - 07.01.2017 12:53

Environment Minister Vidar Helgesen (Conservatives) provides Environment Agency commission to presen

Fears that Norway's most important wolf is shot illegally

Rovdyr_predators - 06.01.2017 22:37

WWF Norway: Police are now asking for help from the public after the Veterinary Institute today conc

Lier-Hansen: The case will be taken to court and the wolf will win

Rovdyr_predators - 06.01.2017 21:16

19 years ago, Stein Lier-Hansen would kill wolves himself, but were stopped by the courts. Now he fi

- Thinks wolf decision remains

Rovdyr_predators - 05.01.2017 19:27

Secretary General of WWF Norway, Nina Jensen do not think the government will succumb to wolf protes

Swedish wolf solution

Rovdyr_predators - 04.01.2017 21:05

Climate and Environment Minister Vidar Helgesen may have found the key, but so far no agreement with

Prime Minister Erna Solberg opens for wolf hunt of "some wolves"

Rovdyr_predators - 04.01.2017 20:36

Can be wolf hunt this winter. The government will make a new assessment of wolf damage potential, wh

Helgesen: - Has no reason to allow wolf hunt

Rovdyr_predators - 04.01.2017 20:13

Ahead of today's meeting with the conciliation parties and wolf opponents, Climate and Environm

Bitter wolf controversy

Rovdyr_predators - 03.01.2017 12:12

A bitter wolf controversy follows Environment Minister Vidar Helgesen (H) into the new year. Wednesd

Several busloads to Oslo to mobilize against wolves

Rovdyr_predators - 01.01.2017 19:44

- Residents, hunters, grazing industry, landowners, outdoor enthusiasts and mayors will be there, sa

Sweden opens for wolf hunt from New Year

Rovdyr_predators - 30.12.2016 19:04

After several rounds of the judiciary, Swedish Supreme Court has now ruled that there will be licens