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The one day trip to Berlin

Owlando's way - 20.04.2018 13:07

A quick trip to Berlin You know, I am quite a random and spontaneous person, I could easily jump on

The first outdoor jog of 2018

Owlando's way - 12.04.2018 11:04

Sunshine got me out for a jog Yesterday was a great day, the weather was so perfect! So perfect in f

Running, how it went from hate to love

Owlando's way - 11.04.2018 21:00

It was about time to get moving My life has had quite a lot of running in it, since the early years,

Those joyful RedBull mornings

Owlando's way - 11.04.2018 11:56

RedBull, when you need the wings to fly or in order to just wake up As my gym training routine has b

A long day with school, gym and porridge

Owlando's way - 10.04.2018 21:34

Schoolday, gym and porridge Well, the title here should probably be a good indicator of what this to

The past blogging story of Owlando

Owlando's way - 09.04.2018 19:00

Mobile blogging craze Many years ago I was quite good at blogging on the go as they call it. That me

YouTube channel updates and thoughts

Owlando's way - 09.04.2018 01:00

Owlando returns to YouTube It’s been quite a while since my last YouTube video, to be honest,

A jolly day with the birds

Owlando's way - 31.03.2018 14:08

The love for birds, and the bird photo urge I love birds, always have and always will, it’s ju

A blissful vacation day

Owlando's way - 28.03.2018 13:00

The blissful days of vacation and work Beautiful vacation day Vacation is wonderful, and if you mana

Pokémon community day for Bulbasaur

Owlando's way - 25.03.2018 20:00

Bulbasaur appreciation day in Pokémon Go I can spill the beans already, I’m a Pok

Saturday new hair and other doings

Owlando's way - 24.03.2018 20:00

Changes are made on Saturdays It’s finally Saturday, and it is also vacation, which means time

My desktop kind of looks like this

Owlando's way - 24.03.2018 12:00

So I guess this is a presentation of my desktop This is part of me trying to be more active as a blo

Time for the long awaited holiday

Owlando's way - 23.03.2018 20:00

It’s been hectic for a while, but now it’s time for a holiday Since I started school in

The green nightmare

Owlando's way - 18.03.2018 15:00

This time it was all about nightmare So I recently finished an assignment at school, the topic for t

Instagram reboot, and the reason why I did it

Owlando's way - 15.03.2018 00:15

Sometimes you just want to hit restart on Instagram Firstly I need to put this clear, I’ve got

How my photographic journey began

Owlando's way - 14.03.2018 14:00

Taking the photographic steps I’ve been into photography for quite a while, if you did read th