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Sinulog a Philippines tradition

Hansnaturephotos - 14.01.2018 13:00

Sinulog Celebrations  Yesterday i were invited to Sinulog in Volda, a yearly celebration. From

Don't look here nothing to see here hahaha

Hansnaturephotos - 12.01.2018 21:44

Look away im not doing anything bad. Just enjoying this delicious cold water.  Go to HansNature

Receiving the last sun

Hansnaturephotos - 10.01.2018 16:56

Look at this amazing sunset. I look around me and the sun only shine strongest where i stood. 

Don't click here if heights is a problem

Hansnaturephotos - 09.01.2018 18:09

Today i had only half day. So it meant i could be outside videotape something. Today i decided to us

Click if you like cute cats

Hansnaturephotos - 09.01.2018 07:29

This is Donald and Muffe.  Donald is pure bengal and Muffe is half bengal.  Bengal cats is

Nice sunset

Hansnaturephotos - 08.01.2018 19:05

Just amazing.  After a whole work day it is nice to enjoy this beautiful sunset. The clouds jus

I was not expecting this

Hansnaturephotos - 06.01.2018 23:04

Today was another great day to videotape if one have free. Me i did not have that luxury. But i mana

Flyimg a drone

Hansnaturephotos - 06.01.2018 07:12

Best drone i tried is the DJI MAVIC PRO DRONE . This drone is simple to use. And easy to figure out

Finding a sunset

Hansnaturephotos - 05.01.2018 16:56

So i was not expecting any sunset clouds today. But after a while i see a frozen river and to my big

50 ISO and 10 seconds

Hansnaturephotos - 03.01.2018 21:52

Camera from the Samsung galaxy s7 has a nice image. And with the settings pro, you can yourself choo

Difficult day

Hansnaturephotos - 02.01.2018 17:05

It started out difficult today. After this i did my work, finish it and head home to relax. During m

Youtube name changed

Hansnaturephotos - 01.01.2018 21:19

I realized that my youtube name was kind of long, iwe decided to change it shorter and i figured out

Happy new year 2018

Hansnaturephotos - 01.01.2018 07:12

Happy new year folks! A new year starts. Time to start your new years achievements that last maximum

No time for me today

Hansnaturephotos - 28.12.2017 16:53

So going to work today i see the beautiful day started out nice. And while working i saw many specia

Low clouds on Ørstafjorden

Hansnaturephotos - 27.12.2017 17:44

Today was a nice day to take video and pictures. Like this picture above. The clouds lay low on the


Hansnaturephotos - 26.12.2017 01:16

After Christmas comes the time we all hate. Impressing everyone with what the new year achiewement w