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Ona Fyrlykt

Hansnaturephotos - 15.04.2018 09:18

Travelling in Westcoast of Norway, you need to visit the famous Ona island, many toyrists come here

A beard on the trees

Hansnaturephotos - 26.03.2018 00:49

Walking in the forrest you can see this stuff hanging on trees growing. I wonder what it really is.

Skumle skyer

Hansnaturephotos - 23.03.2018 21:34

ii saw some scary looking clouds today. They moved very fast. And within 20 min the clouds covered t

New jacket from Skogstad

Hansnaturephotos - 22.03.2018 22:11

I see this cool jacket in the grossery shop it cost 600 but it was on sale now only 199 i had tp buy

Night picture

Hansnaturephotos - 22.03.2018 03:24

You can take nice pictures at night if you really want to. This one is 10 seconds and high ISO 

Taking pictures at night

Hansnaturephotos - 22.03.2018 03:21

If you want to make pictures at night this is how you do it. The meaning of ISO is telling you the o

Making love in the snow

Hansnaturephotos - 20.03.2018 20:07

If you are in the mood to make love with this nature outside your window, then you are a cool person

This view can give you orgasm

Hansnaturephotos - 20.03.2018 03:18

This is just an amazing view. I had to park my car and take a really fast photo. Look at the nice su

Click me if you like cute cats

Hansnaturephotos - 19.03.2018 01:16

If you like to see me then you come to right place. Find me in "i love bengal cat" i 

Frozen river

Hansnaturephotos - 18.03.2018 07:27

Thought this was a nice photo.

Donald looking outside

Hansnaturephotos - 16.03.2018 18:59

A nice photo of a cat sitting in the window overlooking the nature and his future aeea he will fight


Hansnaturephotos - 15.03.2018 22:30

What is the meaning of the word chemtrails? Im not the right person to ask. But i do think that if t

Bengal cat Mimi

Hansnaturephotos - 14.03.2018 08:35

If you have bengal cats its important to give them space. A happy cat is a cat who can enjoy everyda

Winter is almost over

Hansnaturephotos - 12.03.2018 14:10

Look at all this green growing. The snow melts fast now. Its nice to see. The birds singing in the f

Two cats looking outside

Hansnaturephotos - 12.03.2018 14:07

I thought this was a nice photo. Really good shoot 

Cats sence good energy

Hansnaturephotos - 18.02.2018 05:04

If you want to see if you give good energy then just look at your cats. If they always follow you an