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Love to just sit and write music :)

MinikeGirl Music - 24.09.2017 17:55

I have written music throughout the day and it has been lovely to have been able to do it. Feel so g

I Love My Gift :)

MinikeGirl Music - 23.09.2017 16:36

Absolutely fantastic to my new song My Gift is released. It feels so fun to finally get to share it

I’m like a bad burned mobile battery that can go from 1 million % of the battery rapidly to a total – 500000 %

MinikeGirl Music - 21.09.2017 12:32

I and my son was and bought so much food yesterday after we decided that we could manage it. Act as

My next song is coming out soon, which feels absolutely amazing :)

MinikeGirl Music - 19.09.2017 18:58

Today I had difficult to go up because I had not gotten so much sleep. Yesterday I cleaned the I ord

Today when I opened Facebook so I read that one of my friends died :(

MinikeGirl Music - 17.09.2017 11:09

When people die, so I know what happens because I is medial. It is something that I have always know

I like it when I can go into a sort of bubble :)

MinikeGirl Music - 16.09.2017 18:41

Was a bit interrupted in relation to the which I had planned to do this weekend, for the first I was

Carrying myself home in the best possible way hihi :)

MinikeGirl Music - 15.09.2017 11:51

  Yesterday , it was an interesting day that separated themselves a bit from the other days whe

My 13 songs will soon become 14  :-P

MinikeGirl Music - 13.09.2017 12:29

Now I have finished the cover of my next song. It is a song that I have written in Swedish and it wi

Satsumas and Work :)

MinikeGirl Music - 11.09.2017 14:15

It has been very exciting activities that we have been on now for the whole weekend. I have very muc

Wrote the lyrics to my new songs :)

MinikeGirl Music - 05.09.2017 11:01

Yesterday I had a real good day I sat and wrote the lyrics to my new songs. Worked with them almost

Jiar Tarzan Raza och Clueless

MinikeGirl Music - 03.09.2017 13:11

Exakt så kloka ord frånbåde Tarzan och Clueless. Jag behöver inte tillägga

I is also for me a mystery which I find very interesting and I love to be me.

MinikeGirl Music - 02.09.2017 10:32

Played out my 14 song yesterday .It was really fun and there is always a new challenge for me. I nev

I’ve tossed a lot of stuff :)

MinikeGirl Music - 01.09.2017 09:29

Woke up with a good feeling about that I’ll work with my music today. Yesterday, I went and tr

Pure Survival Instinct

MinikeGirl Music - 31.08.2017 14:24

Soon it is time for me to record on my next song and it will be really fun, It is a song in Swedish,

Now-a-days, you have not a chance that I will love you if I have decided that I don’t want to.

MinikeGirl Music - 27.08.2017 11:49

Have had a big nice and cosy weekend now, with many fun events. My son has played football and playe

Emma Plithammar Made Me Do This :)

MinikeGirl Music - 23.08.2017 11:40

Haha it was so long ago that I did like this face mask and it is seen really for I have not quite th