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Gorgeous Flower

MinikeGirl Music - 22.05.2017 09:54

Gorgeous Flower, which struck out in its beautiful color. I’m no flower expert so I thought it

Sushi Weekend with Strawberries

MinikeGirl Music - 21.05.2017 17:47

It has been a lovely weekend with a lot of events and also a amount of peace and quiet. I’ve r

Business And Emotions

MinikeGirl Music - 18.05.2017 10:49

Now I have the people around me that I want now for the future and I am happy that all these fine pe

14 New pictures on my INSTAGRAM :)

MinikeGirl Music - 10.05.2017 11:56

WELCOME TO MY INSTAGRAM : Big fun that it already i

Vote at John Emil From FALKÖPING

MinikeGirl Music - 08.05.2017 11:47 John Emil is a swedish singer/songwriter, producer and arti

Feel Quite Frisky :)

MinikeGirl Music - 07.05.2017 12:41

This Sunday, it will be a little bit of everything here when I have not planned very much yet. Will

Firar 3 plats av 2400 låtar i Genre :)

MinikeGirl Music - 05.05.2017 15:40

Känns riktigt kul att det har gått så bra för alla mina 12 låtar. Speciellt

Very Knowledgeable

MinikeGirl Music - 02.05.2017 10:02

Yesterday it was a lovely breakfast with coffee and burgers. I like the combination. It was a nice t

I was the Black Sheep but now no longer the other people’s protection

MinikeGirl Music - 30.04.2017 10:59

What I do when I’m not really healthy and can workout there is to eat. I am not a potato eater

Upcoming Music

MinikeGirl Music - 29.04.2017 11:52

Nice weekend for now I’m going to structure how I have it with my upcoming music. Now I have r

New Energy

MinikeGirl Music - 28.04.2017 20:03

Today has been a really good day with a lot of emotions and reflections for the future. I will conti

Invigorating Walks

MinikeGirl Music - 27.04.2017 15:29

Invigorating walks are really lovely even though it is cold. It feels good for it when eventually it

Determined Woman

MinikeGirl Music - 26.04.2017 09:14

Have always loved the sea it is so peaceful. Great that summer is on the way now heating and I need

Spoilsport There Are Plenty

MinikeGirl Music - 24.04.2017 13:21

  You are probably many who have also been in those places and those times in your life when yo

Ny Release : Skyddad Adress

MinikeGirl Music - 21.04.2017 09:06

Det kan vara svårt för de som inte har varit med om att leva i ett destruktivt förh&#

Questioned Every Time

MinikeGirl Music - 18.04.2017 15:00

I takes me just longer and longer until, in my work with myself. It’s not that I don’t r