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Thanks to the studio in Falköping as all of this is possible :)

MinikeGirl Music - 24.07.2017 13:13

Now I’m soon on the way to my work. I’ve had a weekend where a lot has happened. It has

Chester Bennington

MinikeGirl Music - 23.07.2017 17:28

In the most difficult times in my life so I have always listened to Linkin Park so it is with great

New RELEASE Listen HERE :)

MinikeGirl Music - 19.07.2017 18:48

It feels absolutely fantastic that I now have my new song out. ÄNGLARNA BEUNDRAR ( Angels ADMIR

I write my own songs as a singer/songwriter :)

MinikeGirl Music - 17.07.2017 12:06

It has been a Lovelyweekendatt work and today I am free. Had intended to sleep late but woke up rela

Lifting Weights :)

MinikeGirl Music - 13.07.2017 15:55

Today I have had time to be a part of the sun, which has been wonderful. It does so much with the su

I surround myself with loving people and Friends :)

MinikeGirl Music - 12.07.2017 20:20

Today, I have begun to get more into how I think regarding one of my rooms. Have a few things in the

Very good seafood sandwiches :)

MinikeGirl Music - 11.07.2017 18:44

I now have 12 of my songsout on Spotify and it is soon to be one of my next song to be released . A

My New Song Will Be Released Soon :)

MinikeGirl Music - 09.07.2017 19:32

Yesterday I sat up late and worked on my computer. I have sent out one of my new songs to be release

Slept 14 Hours :)

MinikeGirl Music - 08.07.2017 09:41

Then I slept 14 hours and still trying to wake up here. Yesterday when I would go to my car after my

Body Becomes Satisfied ;)

MinikeGirl Music - 05.07.2017 18:12

Thanks to those of you who follow me on instagram and for those of you who will follow me after this

Surprisingly Proud Of Myself :)

MinikeGirl Music - 01.07.2017 12:38

It will be a little quieter day than what I had planned when I got sick yesterday just when I finish

Got Nice Gifts Yesterday Of Some Nice Souls :)

MinikeGirl Music - 29.06.2017 17:06

Many stuff going on right now but it is exactly the way I want it right now. I am in a period of to

Summer begins when it is Midsummer :)

MinikeGirl Music - 23.06.2017 14:16

In Sweden we celebrate midsummer. I have chosen to celebrate the very quiet, which is usually my cho

I Knew I Was LOST but it was only a matter of time ;)

MinikeGirl Music - 08.06.2017 12:03

Nowthings happens exactly asI want it to be. Sometimesplans will not be as you expected but it does

Wonderful Parrot and Peaceful Weekend

MinikeGirl Music - 03.06.2017 10:26

It is a lovely and peaceful weekend with my son and with my most wonderful friends. We are like a bi

Sing Along Just Do It :)

MinikeGirl Music - 28.05.2017 12:52

Well I’m not directly any shorts person, that you can see here in the picture. My arm has been