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uShaka Marine World

Beatravelling - 00:39

One of the biggest attractions in Durban is uShaka Marine World. Me having no kids in tow, initially

Surf Riders Cafe

Beatravelling - 25.09.2017 03:00

Now, doesn’t this look yummy! You’ll get it served up at Surf Riders Cafe located along

Durban’s Beachfront

Beatravelling - 24.09.2017 23:11

Now, this is a story all about how, I once again learned to listen to the advice of the locals. When

A Guesthouse Made of Dreams

Beatravelling - 22.09.2017 23:47

During my travels I’ve called a lot of different places home, both extremely budget hostels an

Restaurant on the Rocks

Beatravelling - 22.09.2017 03:00

This really cool restaurant is located right on the rocks in Hermanus. You enter by walking down a s

Whale Watching Onshore

Beatravelling - 21.09.2017 22:59

In Hermanus you can choose between two ways of seeing the whales that migrate here June to November.

Come for the Whales, Stay for Some More

Beatravelling - 20.09.2017 23:14

The day trip to Hermanus from Cape Town was solely for the whales, but when approaching the centre o

Robben Island

Beatravelling - 17.09.2017 23:11

One thing I have learned about Cape Town, and that is the best advise I can give about this city, is

Cake Time in Cape Town

Beatravelling - 16.09.2017 20:41

This is a nice cafe to have the tea of the day, and cake Carrot cake. Big piece. Way too much, but r

A Museum Not to Miss!

Beatravelling - 16.09.2017 15:58

Can you believe it, but I was actually not gonna go visit this museum. Then I saw photos of it, and

Going Steampunk!!

Beatravelling - 16.09.2017 03:00

When I realised one of my fellow travel bloggers is from Cape Town, I asked her for some restaurant/

My Cape Town

Beatravelling - 15.09.2017 22:50

As I was staying in a guesthouse on Kloof Nek Road, my playground becamethe areas around Long Street

Creme de la Creme

Beatravelling - 14.09.2017 17:56

What comes after brunch? Dessert! Well, that’s at least how I do it on a day trip to Stellenbo

Leaves & Loaves

Beatravelling - 14.09.2017 17:13

First of all, I love the name! It’s salads and sandwiches InitiallyI passed by on the place, b

Wine Country Minus the Wine

Beatravelling - 14.09.2017 03:00

I had plans about going to Franschhoek, but after talking to my guesthouse hostess, I realised I was

Table Mountain

Beatravelling - 13.09.2017 20:56

With Table Mountain being one of Cape Town’s best known features, of course I had to add it to